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The History

Who are MISSTRES and for what purpose? There is no room for such silly questions! We are here for the music...

About Misstres

We really love music. We're revealing our souls through the sound and the rhythm. That's the way we are, and we share it with u.

The band Misstres is a young band but with long history. In 2011, three creative and ambitious young men decided to remember their heavy metal past and play some good music just for fun. That was actually the beginning of the band as it is now. At first there where only three members, the drummer - Pavlo, rhythm guitar player - Dmytro and solo guitar player – Alex. So we played together, but later on, we’ve developed an idea to invite somebody to sing, and that’s how Olha appeared in the band. We’ve made up a name for the band, and so we became a Rockflower. For about a year, we played cover versions of world famous hits, but the more we practiced the more we wanted to create our own songs and music. So we started! We recorded few demo tracks, had a couple of concerts with Ukrainian rock stars (С.К.А.Й.), took part in rock festivals (Підкамінь, Франко Місія-2013, Раковець Fest and Файне Місто), successfully took part in competitions (Джем FM rock music contest). Also during that period of time we’ve invited a bass guitar player to play in the band (Stas)
Unfortunately, in 2014 our female part of the band left for Canada. First, we thought that it was forever and were really upset about that. But she came back in a year and half. Since then, we’ve been working on the new material, recording the album and hammering away our personal style. In 2016 we started to record the album which will definitely be a great success. The new name of the band didn’t come out fast as well. We worked really hard and for a very long time, and as it usually happens the name of the band popped out from nowhere, though, I must say, there were lots and lots of variants that just weren’t good enough for us. We are The Misstres band, so give us a warm welcome!
We started from the very beginning, to make a sharp come-back!
The first album is on the way and will be released in 2017

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A complete list of festivals and concerts to be held soon! You can buy the latest concert tickets here!

Date Venue Location Tickets
June 7-8, 2017 MonteRay Club Kyiv/UKRAINE FREE ENTRY
July 23, 2017 Faine Misto: Stage Ternopil/UKRAINE Closed

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MISSTRES - My Way [Official Music Video]

The first released track from the upcoming Album.

MISSTRES - Mistress [Official Lyrics Video]

New track from the upcoming Album.


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